This I believe

Whether we live in Astoria, New York, Houston Texas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, or Paris, France, we are all part of a community.  Our actions, what we do in our community matters, not just to us, but also to the people who share our community. On the most basic level we have a moral obligation to not create violence, steal or inflict on someone else’s freedom.  Beyond that we have a legal obligation to follow the laws set down by government.  In order to have a government that is responsive, just and accountable to the people – a government of, by and for the people – we must participate in our democracy and community.  It is important even if at a minimum that means voting once a year, helping at a soup kitchen, tutoring a struggling youth, or supporting your favourite charity.  I hope people see that their engagement in their community, their public service, is what helps shape the quality of life for everyone.


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